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 Hifz-Quran Program for kids

OnlineQuranexplore  Academy offers an extremely powerful and comprehensive Hifz-Quran program for kids .Conferring the whole Quran by heart is no simple assignment and requires an extra ordinary state of order, center, devotion and tolerance. The barakah of taking in the Qur’an by heart is known by numerous yet less known is the scholarly advantages got from hifz. Above all else the basic goal behind mememorize  Quran ought to be to please Allah and yourself. Understudies of hifz are along these lines solicited to dependably be careful from learning for misrepresentation, in any case it has moreover made accessibility to have competent educators in darul uloom  for Quran hifz program online.

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Muslims reside in all parts of the world, regardless of the fact if they are Muslim countries or Non Muslim countries. Moreover, they have divided them into different sects. These sects have their own thoughts and views related to their sects. It is one of the major dilemmas of Muslims that they hardly agree upon one point. Though there are many differences about what Muslims think about their sects, but when it comes to the teachings of Quran, it is equally significant for people belonging to each and every sect. Muslim parents consider it one of their major responsibilities towards their kids to equip them with Quran knowledge.How to teach the Quran to toddlers – how to teach the Quran to beginners It is easily done when one is living in a Muslim country. It is because Qaris to teach Quran are easily and conveniently  accessible in the Muslim world,but things are not the same in other on Muslim parts of the world, but thanks to the internet it solved the big problem of Muslims who are living non-Muslim world.

Here is a brief summary of how you can benefit.

  • Get online Quran teaching Skype classes with specialized teacher who have multitudinous years of reading and memorization professionalism.
  • You can take 3 attempt free of the cost of Quran hifz program online  given by competent teachers who have no doubt in their expertise of teaching Quran and memorizing Quran.
  • All the educators are screened to guarantee that they can convey astounding lessons preceding allotting them to understudies.
  • To maintain Quality education standard The Manager watches a procedure or action to watch that it is completed reasonably or effectively.
  • The instructor, a manager and guardian can impart to get the best conceivable training objectives for kids.
  • Darul uloom online- Hifz ul Quran  course – how to teach Quran to beginners classes are offered for youngsters and grown ups.

Darul uloom online

How to Hifz the Quran to toddlers – Darul uloom online  provides great help for kids,elder parents and guardian regarding learning Quran hifz program online.Living in a non Muslim country makes things about Quran teaching difficult to certain levels. It is because the majority of people living in the country is non Muslims and therefore facilities are offered to the residents accordingly. No doubt Muslim residents have to adapt them according to the country they are living. Most of the times, these practices deviate the followers of Islam from their point. Therefore, under such circumstances, it becomes difficult for the Muslim parents to equip their children with reading of the Holy Quran.Though Muslim communities have a large number of Muslims residing in non Muslim countries but it does not mean that any one of them can teach how to read Quran. One must be professionally certified to do that. There are ways and techniques that need to be followed while reciting and pronouncing the Holy Quran. Hence, parents or Muslim communities usually find them in a fix when it is about hiring a Quran tutor for their as well as their kids Quran learning. Hence, Hifz ul Quran – Hafiz Quran course  has become more acceptable over the typical teaching mechanism.

  • Methodology of Hifz-Quran: What to expect

1:Basic Tajweed Qaida

Hifz requires a strong establishment in makhaarij; that is Arabic elocution. All understudies are in this manner evaluated in their elocution before they start hifz. On the off chance that required an understudy will be taught the Qida completely for online Quran hifz program online . This can take up to 4 months. The Tajweed Qaida learning procedure is regulated by an Ijaza level instructor to guarantee the most ideal begin. Learners are readied by the ablest darul aloom  tutor  as we trust that a strong establishment will make the way for hifz much less easier. On the off chance that an understudy has finished the makhaarij somewhere else or has done hifz somewhere else it may at present imply that they are required to do the Qaida  again all the time to relearn the right strategy for elocution. Kayda truly signifies “base” and we don’t bargain on this vital phase of learning as though the base is powerless the resulting learning stage will do not have the required quality.

2:Fluency of reading and Tajweed

In the wake of finishing the Qaida, mastering of perusing and a comprehension of the guidelines of tajweed are the following step. Our understudies more often than not finish this by beginning the last juzz (part) of the Qur,an, the 30th juzz. We begin from little suwar, for example, surah Naas, Falaq, Ikhlaas and utilize this stage to consolidate guidelines of Tajweed. This again is an extremely basic stage as it includes uniting pronuciation, tajweed and in addition familiarity. When an understudy has perused the 30th juzz they then begin to remember this juzz until they can read the entire juzz with appropriate pronuciation, tajweed and familiarity.


Once a student’s pronunciation, tajweed and fluency have reached a high standard they are then allocated a specialist Shaikh from our range of expert teachers. This learning in the presence of Shaikh is the connection a student is establishing with the historical oral Quranic tradional which goes back to the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ).  All our teachers at the Darul aloom academy are of the highest calibre with Ijaazaats to teach the Quran from the highest Islamic sources.  A student will be constantly corrected as well as encouraged.  The more a student commits time to hifz the more refined they will become.  Consistency and diligence is the key to a strong and quality Hafiz or Hafiza.


Darul-uloom-online | hifz-ul-quran-ourse

Darul uloom online

Hifz ul Quran course

 We are living in a technologically advanced world where internet has ended the issues related to distance. People nowadays communicate with their families living in the other continents free of cost. These internet services are being used to get Quran teaching – how to teach Quran to beginnersHifz and Quran program using unique modern method and techniques as well. This will be the modern way of equipping kids as well as adults with the teachings of Islam in a technology based way.

Quran hifz program  where Learning Methods of Quran Memorization before of  Quran experts tutors and many  Muslims kids and elders took the chance to satisfy this need. what’s more, composed on the subject in point of interest basically for the advantage of each muslim novice who need to do Hifz-Quran freely, rapidly and easily and extraordinarily for the individuals who are living in nations where English is the essential dialect of guideline and where Masajid and Madrasahs are not accessible or exceptionally far to reach. OnlineQuranexplore  committed to the Memorization of the Holy Qura’n and gives the teaching to learners  of how to hifz-Quran and  Memorize Qura’n efficiently, diverse strategies and systems portrayed thus are exceptionally valuable and supportive. Our kids  are our most valuable resource and their appropriate training and childhood under the umbrella of Qura’n ought not be taken gently, Online Quran explore –Hifz-Quran classes will unquestionably help in their Qura’n retention errand effectively and rapidly. I trust this unassuming exertion will give brief, yet clear, responses to inquiries of comparable nature and will assist learners with doing Hifz-e-Quran.

 Darul uloom Hifz online

How do this Hifz-Quran –  Either it is about teaching people with basic Quran reading, Quran Tafseer, Quran Tajweed or Hifz-Quran; Darul uloom online courses any one  can get anything easily. Adopting any of these courses will equip you with Islam’s teachings knowledge in a handy manner, you will not have to move around but grab hands on the required information in a few clicks of the mouse.Darul uloom give  us to get closer to our religion with logical reasoning.Get knowledge of your religion and live life like a true follower of Islam.

What Du’as are vital and benifiting for  hifz-Quran

  • Before starting hifz-Quran learn Surah Yousuf by Heart
  • Keep naqsh of Nalain Mubarak with the Niyah (Niyat) that Memorize of the Al-Quran will turn out to be simple for me.
  • Subsequent to perusing Surah Mudassir du’a for effectiveness of Hifz of the Qura’n
  • Offer Salatul Hajat two nafil day by day and petition God for Hifz of the Qura’n effectiveness
  • Offering Namaz-e-Ghosia and act likewise will likewise help in Hifz of the Qura’n
  • Discuss each time before beginning Hifz of the Qura’n

For further details regarding the courses how to teach Quran to toddlers-  hifz-Quran program online offered and their outlines, please visit the individual courses page on our website.