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As a wise person most often would, you might be wondering, “How is OnlineQuranExplore different from the many other quran learningacademies out there?” The answer to this question is simple and quite straightforward. The services provided to you here are more than adequate to bring you the best of education and skills at a highly affordable rate while you put all your trust in our qualified read more about us


Learn Quran Online learn to read Quran with Tajweed Are you searching for ways to learn Quran online and establish a pure, spiritual connection yourself and the ultimate Creator? You will be delighted to know that you have come to the most influential place. Online Quran Explore is the home of complete and genuine Islamic counselling and knowledge with Learn Quran online using skype. A conducive and convenient service is available for you at our online Quran teaching academy. It does not matter where you may be; our program is offered for multiple countries all over the world regardless of your native language or place of residence.
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Why is this online Quran explore institute beneficial for you? Look at all the advantages one by one. You can study in depth the core material of Islam, Quran and Sunnah while you sit home in a customary, secure and comfortable environment. All that hassle you have to put up with related to heavy payments required for distant academies and institutes, will no longer anguish you. Since you will be studying at home, your other activities will not be perturbed.
  • Online Quran classes using Skype
It is time to use your own available resources for a potential benefit. Take a tour of our Quran teacher online institute in order to have a look at the many services that we offer. For the satisfaction of our valued customers, we also provide a free trial period of three days that include three online Quran classes by online Quran explore.

Female Quran teachers at Online Quran explore

There are a number of online quranic teaching academies offering various programs. Most of them have quite attractive packages so you must be tempted to think, “Why should I register here?. A wise choice would be to go through the details and list of Quran courses offered. Therefore, keeping in mind the ease of our web viewers, we have provided a concise but adequate list of details regarding our teaching methods, programs and faculty qualifications. All the members of our faculty are exceptionally qualified with the experience of five years in the field of teaching Quran online. Most of them are familiar with multiple languages and have been trained to teach with effective results. • We understand your needs, and that is why we provide separate female tutors for female students and kids. As mentioned before, this is your home for acquiring knowledge with contentment and surety. • We have durable high speed internet that offers reliable and stable connections throughout the course. • You will never experience breaks or disconnections that occur due to power outages as we have a backup for all sorts of contingencies. • Our program is home to students from different regions of the world; UAE, UK, Australia and the US. • Since our program involves one to one individual online Quran classes for kids and adults the teachers are bound to offer their complete attention and devotion to their respective student. Classes last 30 minutes each and may be extended according to your needs. • We firmly believe that your satisfaction is our motivation. Due to this reason we offer a three days trial free of charge. Depending upon your choice, you may carry on with the Quran classes or discontinue.

Online Quran explore academy courses outlines

Here are the different courses offered by our Learn Quran online institute.

Learn how to read Quran for beginners with Noorani Qaida

Our elementary course consists of basic Arabic letter identification and the Noorani Qaida. It is the foundation course for beginners and newcomers to Islam, as well. Once the course is completed, the student will be able to read and pronounce Arabic words and sentences with clear and fluent speech beside this learn Quran for beginner’s using Skype is also helpful for you.after completed this course of learning Quran recitation you will be able to recite the Quran in appropriate manner Read / learn The Quran online With Tajweed.

Learn Tajweed online

The rules of Tajweed are applied to the recitation of the Divine Holy Quran. We at Online Quran Explore offer a fundamental course of learn/read Quran with Tajweed for kids and adults. Tajweed lessons are most important to recite the Quran properly. Learn the appropriate ways to learn read Quran and be able to recite with eloquence.

Hifzul Quran Memorize online

If you are among those who wish to put the entire Holy Quran to memory, then this course of Hifzul Quran Memorize Quran online is just for you. Become a Hafiz with the help of our skillful and acknowledged Quran tutors.

Learn Quran with Urdu/English Translation online

Reading and recitation are very important acts of reward, but it is also a Muslims duty to read the complete Quranic script with its proper transliteration and meaning. This exclusive course Quran translation Classes will give you a chance to study the message contained within the Holy Quran.

Islamic teachings for kids,beginners and new Muslims

For those of our brothers and sisters who wish to learn core concepts of Islam and gain knowledge on basic fundamental issues, we have formulated this specific course.Increase your understanding of Islam and its aspects with the professional help of our positively devoted online Quran teaching staff.Online Quran Explore also offering course learn Quran for kids with tajweed and also Islamic teaching for kids, beginners and new Muslims e.g.about beliefs,Prayers,kalmas,Hadith and Sunnah of our own Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)etc. You just need internet connection, for Learn the Quran online using skype for voice communication and headset for communication with online Quran tutor. Go to meeting or Mikogo you will start your online Quran classes. You see your lessons on your computer screen during class with the help of this software.