About us

About Us

As a wise person most often would, you might be wondering, “How is OnlineQuranExplore different from the many other quran learning academies out there?” The answer to this question is simple and quite straightforward. The services provided to you here are more than adequate to bring you the best of education and skills at a highly affordable rate while you put all your trust in our qualified professionals to cater to your every need.

It does not matter whether you have very little or no knowledge at all regarding Quran or Islamic fundamentals. The courses formulated at our online quran institute are strictly in accordance with your level of perception and adaptability. Once you are acquainted with us, you need not worry about where to start or how you will manage to work out a study plan. The highly acknowledged and well-educated teachers are available to suggest the best options and course of study for you.

At OnlineQuranExplore.com we present to you the most adept and inclusive courses designed exclusively by professional teachers from various international and well-reputed institutes. From beginner basics to advanced and expert studies, our tutors and scholars are bound to bring you excellent and appeasing results. Take an initial tour of the courses we offer with the brief citations below.

For those of you who are new to the basic concepts of Qur’an recitation, we provide an essential course, the ‘Basic Quran Recitation’, which includes the Noorani Qaida. It is preferable for the ones who tend to start from level one and grasp the roots of Arabic letters, their pronunciation and merged words and sentences.

Once a student is gains enough proficiency to recite Arabic and verses of the Qur’aan fluently, it is suggested that he or she moves on to the ‘Quran & Tajweed’ course. This elusive course takes the student a step ahead with a level of intricacy that keeps him or her in a constant phase of study and interest. In the introductory classes, the student is taught foundation rules of Tajweed. Later on, it focuses on how to implement the specific rules and regulations during the recitation of the Holy Koran.

To read and recite is one thing but memorizing verses of the Divine Book is another. So many Muslims are keen to read and memorize the Quran and become a Haafiz. That is why we have included the ‘Quran & Memorization’ course especially for you. You will be taught special techniques that help in memorizing while your tutor helps you keep track of correct pronunciation and recitation at the same time.

Of course, as devoted Muslims of true faith, we are obliged to learn the meaning of the Glorious Koran. Its interpretation is the ultimate word of Allah and learning it is our religious duty. You may now study the Holy Scripture with complete translation, interpretation and ‘tafseer’ (detail) in a formal and all-inclusive course under the supervision of certified teachers at OnlineQuranExplore.

As we believe in molding our students into Muslims of fine character and superb Islamic aesthetics, you will be unduly pleased know that this exquisite online quran teaching program offers a course devised purely for Islamic enthusiasts who desire to learn about the religion; basic concepts and ideologies such as Namaz (prayer), Zakat (charity), Roza (fasting) and other essentials.

For further details regarding the courses offered and their outlines, please visit the individual Courses page on our website.